Sarah Shaw
Whitby Civic Recreation Complex The painting of this mural incorporated the new Red Cross Swim Level critters amongst a busy ocean of shipwrecks, treasure chests and fun! While you are at the pool, don't forget to check out the fellows watching over the lifeguards in their office!
Brie's Room Peter Rabbit and all his friends gave little Brie someone to look at no matter where in her room she is. With Peter himself poking through the fence at ground level, she always has a playmate to share her toys.
Sammy's Room A soft yellow is a fabulous background for this white picket fence along the wall. Nothing too bold or dramatic adds a softness to this girl's room. Small insects are scattered throughout, catching her attention as she plays. Glitter (a must for little girls) has been added to the fluttering butterflies, and is only seen in certain light.
Shakaira's Room A graffiti wall was the original plan as a backdrop to this teenager's drum set, however once the mural was complete she decided no one was allowed to write on it!
African Stairway For some art students, this mural is but a faint memory. The original mural painted on the stairway to the studio had a setting sky with elephants, giraffes and African trees.
Anne Ottenbrite Pool A newly renovated pool needed some fun Red Cross Swim Level critters to amuse the young swimmers! They learn all they can while the underwater animals keep a close watch through the portholes.

Mural Sets

Underwater Stairway Descending into a lower level takes you deeper into the ocean with something (or someone) to look at on every wall. Mermaids, dolphins, submarines, sting rays, turtles, fish and more are all seen by the scuba diver!
Andrew’s Room Every boy has an inner superhero, and Andrew was no exception. His room became a city of buildings with heros saving the day! Everything painted around his furniture, with Batman watching over him as he sleeps.